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Ideas! Ideas for sale

Hello, I'm Tiffany and I'm here to do serious creative work.


Talk to me about...

  • Technical writing. I can quickly digest a lot of complicated information and then help it make sense for different audiences.

  • Copy and other writing projects. 

  • Visual art. Storyboard illustrations, custom artwork, various styles.

  • Creative consulting

    • Creative problem solving. I'm a wizard at brainstorming and leading groups that need to think over, under, around, inside and outside the box to improve processes, discover new product opportunities, and gain new perspectives on entrenched challenges.

    • Bridging gaps between teams. I help technical and non-technical people work together to establish priorities, processes, requirements, and roadmaps

  • Curriculum for K-12. A leader in Atlanta's secular homeschool community, I have 15+ years of experience crafting exciting, original lesson plans that build deep understanding of complicated topics. I have produced curriculum for foundational science courses, critical thinking, art, social skills, literature, composition. I build differentiated content for inclusive classrooms with neurodivergent kids.

Client name dropping

Uncle Goose



Benchmark Education

Literary Safari






Express Scripts

Dept of Defense

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