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Storyboard projects

A custom-illustrated storyboard is a powerful tool that can help your team:

  • Understand and articulate user needs

  • Prioritize features, make decisions in the early stages of an app or other product

  • Communicate workflow and features

  • Conduct focus groups and surveys

  • Immediately demonstrate the value of an unfamiliar product or service


Caretaker support app

Caretaker uses a new app that helps with burnout and mental health.


At-home PT

Patient journey for PT at home


BP Monitor App

Patient begins using healthcare app daily.


Coffee focus group

This is a simplified version of a larger set of panels. Client wanted to focus test different app paths and scenarios.


New hire onboarding

Internal interactive onboarding storyboard


Various other storyboards

I've done dozens of storyboards for a wide variety of industries.

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