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Nerdy Baby
Art and gifts for young scientists

Nerdy Baby is my line of children's science books, toys, and artwork. 


When my kids were born I was flooded with ads and advice for how to maximize their wattage and make them into multilingual super geniuses. I thought this was very funny and decided to take it to an extreme, because haha babies do NOT need to learn about hydrogen bonding.


But the thing is, I really do love science. And I love teaching and explaining things like hydrogen bonds to little kids. So this mostly-a-joke kind of grew into a real thing. My products were picked up by fancy retailers including Think Geek, UncommonGoods, Zulily, and dozens of museum gift shops including the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Museum of Science in Boston, and Houston's Museum of Natural Science. Uncle Goose produced two block sets and my book, The Human Infant Project was translated and published in Norway.


Due to (life, basically) I have moved away from producing physical products. Several books are still available on Kindle! Most of my work is available for licensing, please reach out to me creative at tiffanyard dot com

Kindle Books

Kindle books!

Flash Cards ABCs

Flash cards!

Block Sets

I designed two sets of blocks for Uncle Goose - they were really great.

Amazing Earth poster series

Our planet is so amazing!

Coloring Book

A coloring and activity book for young scientists

The Human Infant Project (Baby book)

Baby keepsake book, with a scientific twist.

Flash Cards 123s!

Zero degrees! One electron!

Pat Schrodinger's Kitty

This children's classic will bring back warm memories for those who remember the "Pat the" series. Lift the flap to find hidden bosons! Explore the nature of photons! Try to catch a neutrino!

Infant Troubleshooting

Document your best practices for infant troubleshooting using our 65 magnetic pieces. Perfect for new parents or anyone else who has found themselves suddenly responsible for supervising a young human.

My First Flowchart

30 magnetic pieces that teach children all about shapes, logic flow, process development, AND shameless manipulation of their loved ones.

More Art Prints

I made a lot of different art prints about different science concepts. Some of them go viral from time to time, and it's really neat to run across them in the wild.

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