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My First Flowchart

This one was such a niche product, but I love flowcharts so much that to me it seemed like something that had to exist. The 30 or so other people on earth who have small children and love flowcharts were very glad that I had these manufactured.

Are you the kind of kid who expects a lot from the adults in your life? Do you have trouble getting them to comprehend your demands?

This playset will help! Featuring 30 magnetic pieces that teach children all about shapes, logic flow, process development, AND shameless manipulation of their loved ones. All of this for one low price!

Lots more pieces than shown here including decision points, suggested actions, termination points, and plenty of arrows. Designed by me, Tiffany from Nerdy Baby. Printed in the USA by seriously the nicest people I have ever worked with (no offense to my other vendors who are also incredibly nice. The magnet people are just THAT nice!). This set conforms to CPSIA safety standards for lead, phthalates, and choking hazards, however please supervise your child with all magnets. For that matter please supervise them always in general because good gracious, kids are fast and weird and you just never know what they are going to try.

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