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Fake Urgent Care for Kids Who Prob Just Have Gas

Have you ever frantically rushed your very definitely gravely ill child to an ER or clinic only to have them instantly perk up and feel better as soon as the doctor walks in? Better safe than sorry, of course -- but the $400 medical bill you can wind up with is all too real. In nations with public healthcare it always makes sense to get checked out but in the United States, false alarms cost parents an estimated 3.1 billion dollars every year.

My chain of fake Urgent Care facilities will feature a realistic waiting area complete with a HGTV's property brothers episode playing on repeat. We also have simplified "intake" forms, and employees who look and act a lot like medical professionals. If needed we can provide fake X-rays and other non-invasive tests for nominal fees.

Using our waiting room is free and will resolve 70% of cases within ten minutes.

Monetization opportunities:

  • Snacks

  • Time playing with those germy toys

  • Intake forms

  • Time in fake exam room

  • Fake exam

  • Bandaids

  • Fake X-Rays

  • Gift shop

In cases where the child is not instantly better, we will provide a free digital map to the nearest real medical facility.

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