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Massage Therapy Dogs

This one is Kevin's idea. If a dog is really aggressive and cannot be rehabilitated, this is a humane alternative to euthanasia. Under anesthesia, a surgeon would grind the dog's teeth down and install painless, comfortable tooth implants made of silicone rubber. Once healed, the dogs could be trained and then placed in homes with people who have jobs that require being on their feet all day - retail workers, construction, teachers, nurses, and other people with chronic foot pain. The owner would stretch out on a chair and extend their legs outward so the dog would attack the person's feet. The dog would have a loving home, and the owner would receive a nightly deep-pressure massage.

Notes: Could be est as a non profit, and offer wide range of massage options depending on size of the dog. Neck, arm, hand, and legs. Varying levels of foam squishiness?

potential challenges: Special food and regular brushing would be required

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