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Uber but it's my car

Often I don't feel like driving, but I don't want to get stuck somewhere without a way home. I own my own car, so it seems silly to have Uber come and pick me up.

This will be a new service where I can use an app to request a driver.

And then someone comes to my house and we both get in my car. Who controls the music can be negotiable. The driver has to use their own phone for GPS because I will be using my phone the entire time.

This would be amazing for long road trips or people who want RV life but don't want to commit to that much driving.

What about the driver's car?

So one potential complication is that the driver will need to come to my house and then will be stranded without a vehicle wherever we end up because we brought my car. There several options for a driver who wishes to avoid this issue:

  1. Use the passenger's car to tow the driver's car.

  2. Ride a moped that will easily fit inside most passenger vehicles.

  3. Walk or use public transportation (environmentally friendly option).

  4. Take a regular Uber back to their own car.

  5. Pay the passenger for permission to drive around in the passenger's car while the passenger attends an event or whatever they're doing. So if the passenger is going to a movie for example, they don't need their car for that 2 hour block of time. This option also alleviates the need to find parking. The driver can then use the passenger's car to deliver for Ubereats or they can just go run errands, or find a place to pull over then get in the back seat and take a nap.

  6. Call a friend who owes the driver a favor and ask for a ride back to their own car.

  7. Ask that same friend to follow the Driver using either the driver's car or a third car.

  8. For long trips, find another Passenger who wants to go the other way.

These technical details can be refined.

Misc notes:

  • Name ideas -- Shofer, Show.FR, FRFR.FR, Myber, Mycaruber, Youber, Myowncar, Drvme

  • Can we get rights to the beatles song?

  • Who is liable if I am injured in my own car while being driven by this service?

  • Potential complication - reflects badly on the passenger if the Driver is rude or aggressive. People will either think the passenger is a jerk or they might think that the driver is an old friend and the passenger was too drunk to drive so the so-called friend insisted on driving, but that still makes them wary of trusting the passenger's judgement because they dont know it was a service that the passenger hired. Possible solution: A magnetic bumper sticker that the Driver can place on the vehicle. It might say something like "PLEASE BE PATIENT. I AM DRIVING."

  • Midjourney does not understand how towing works

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